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A Power packed Rapid Transformation Convention


By Sajeev Nair

Rise Up is a Peak Performance Convention where you undergo Rapid Transformation by the application of certain principles of neuroscience. RISE UP is not a motivational training or workshop; it is a Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic experience which cannot be explained in words. Techniques and methodologies are developed using extensive research on Thought Process Re-engineering by Mr Sajeev Nair.

‘Rise Up’ is a Rapid Transformation Program,which is truly scientific based on the principles of neuroscience. Results are immediate and long lasting.

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By Sajeev Nair

Thoughts create your world. And hence by changing your thoughts, You are actually changing your world. The fact is that your brain generates the thoughts based on the inputs it has been receiving through your senses since you were born on this earth or even a few months prior to your birth; All that you heard, seen, read, touched, smelled and tasted.

Hence the thought which you currently possess is the outcome of years of programming which has been carried out in your brain knowingly or unknowingly. In order to change the way you think, literally you need to re-engineer your brain at the Neuro level.

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A Power packed Rapid Transformation Convention By Sajeev Nair

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